Manufacturer’s hot pin 3D printing consumables PLA ABS 3D printer 3D print pen consumables




Material: PLA

Fields: medical, teaching, food

PLA material characteristics

Keep the shape, not easy to change. Environmentally friendly and degradable

The materials are more suitable for fields that require high environmental protection, such as medical treatment, teaching, and food.

①Biodegradable materials, environmental protection

②High gloss of printed products


③Good fluidity, printing is not easy to crack

④Printing large area products is not easy to warp

⑤No smell during printing


① Poor weather resistance

②The impact resistance is relatively low

material PLA material ABS material
Printing temperature 195~230C 220~250C
density 1.25+0.05g/cm3 1.04+0.2g/cm3
Melt flow rate 5-7g/10min(190C 2.16kg) 2-4g/10min(190C 2.16kg)
Water absorption 0.50% 1%
Tensile Strength ≥60Mpa ≥43Mpa
Flexural modulus ≥60Mpa ≥60Mpa
Elongation at break ≥3.0% ≥1 0.0%
diameter 3mm/ 1.75mm(+0.02mm) 3mm/ 1.75mm(+0.02mm)
bubble 100% bubble-free 100% bubble-free
net weight 1kg (line length is about 340M) 1kg (line length is about 400M)
heat 0~60C 80~120C

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1.00 kg
Boyutlar 210 × 210 × 80 cm

Black ABS, Black PLA, Blue ABS, Blue PLA, Bright green ABS, Bright green PLA, Brown ABS, Brown PLA, Color ABS, Color PLA, Cyan blue ABS, Cyan blue PLA, Deep orange ABS, Deep orange PLA, Fluorescent green ABS, Fluorescent green PLA, Fluorescent yellow ABS, Fluorescent yellow PLA, Gold ABS, Gold PLA, Green ABS, Green PLA, Light blue ABS, Light blue PLA, Orange ABS, Orange PLA, Pink ABS, Pink PLA, Pink rose ABS, Pink rose PLA, Purple ABS, Purple PLA, Purple red ABS, Purple red PLA, Red ABS, Red PLA, Sapphire ABS, Sapphire PLA, Silver ABS, Silver PLA, Skin ABS, Skin PLA, Transparent ABS, Transparent PLA, White ABS, White PLA, Yellow ABS, Yellow PLA


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