Adjustable speed &using foot pedal

c sewing of two speeds
foot pedal control you can choose a more appropriate mode of operation according to their habits   

Sews sleeves 
:designed to sew sleeves or any narrow opening in garment.

Versatile design
:built-in sewing light,suitable for using when the light is dark ;thread cutter inclued,more convenient for sewing operations            

Power supply
:using DC 6V power or 4 AA batteries(not included)

DIY beginner’s welfare 
:small, practical, easy to carry and use ,can meet the basic operational needs            


1x Sewing machine         1x Charger         

1x Foot deal                    1x Needle threader

2x Metal bobbins             1x Needle

2x Thread spool              1x English manual



Turn handwheel (K) clockwise to raise needle (R) to the highest position.

Loosen the needle clamp screw (O) by turning it counterclockwise (toward you). You may need to use a small screwdriver or small pliers.

Remove the needle (R) away from the needle clamp (P).

Insert the new needle with the flat side facing the needle clip (P).

Push it gently as far as it will go and into the needle clamp (P).

Tighten the needle clamp screw (O) while holding the needle (R) in place.


Security information

Always disconnect or remove power supply, including batteries, when changing needles or threading machines

Never open the main engine case of the machine. The mechanism has been adjusted at the factory.

Always check the threading of the attachment point before starting to sew. Threading or improper placement of the bobbin in the case will result in damage to the machine.

Do not pull the fabric when sewing. Guide only gently. Pulling could break the needle and result in damage to the machine.

Remove the batteries when the machine is not in use for long periods. This saves battery life and protects the machine. Keep extra batteries on hand so projects will not be interrupted when batteries need replacing.

KEEP AWAY FROM YOUR CHILDREN: This sewing machine is not a toy and should not be used by or near children.

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 0.20 kg
Boyutlar 200 × 200 × 80 cm

1080P, 1080P+16G, 1080P+32G, 960p, 960p + 16G, 960p+32G


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